Character: Margaret Mack
Birthday: April 4, 1868
Place of Birth: Aberdeen, Scotland
Date of Death: February 4, 1941
Place of Death: Los Angeles, California
First Short: Helping Grandma
Last Short: Fly My Kite
Number of Shorts: 2
History: Margaret Mann was a native of Scotland born in 1869 who emigrated to the United States where she subsequently became an actress in Hollywood. There is not much known of her private life which was described as full of tragedy and hardship. She made her first movie in 1917, when she was 49 years old, mostly working as a stock actress playing mostly kind and good-hearted, somewhat suffering grandmothers or matrons. One of her early most notable film roles was as a Bavarian woman in "Four Sons" by John Ford in 1928; it would become one of her few lead roles during her film career. Afterward, she began playing more and more bit parts, often small roles which often often uncredited. She possibly became most well-known as the kindly old grandmother in two Our Gang comedies, Helping Grandma and Fly My Kite, both from 1931. Two of her best known films were the film classics "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and 'Gone with the Wind," both from 1939. She died from cancer in 1941 at the age of 72 in Los Angeles, California.

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