Name: Jane "Jannie" Hoskins (Morrison)
Nicknames: Mango, Arnica (in Good Cheer), Zuccini (in Playin' Hookey)
Played By: Jannie Hoskins
Born: 1923
Relatives: Ernie Sr. (father), Mother (name unknown), Mrs. Jackson (aunt), Tom (uncle), Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison, Farina, Pineapple, Hector, Thermos, Trellis (brothers), Pleurisy (sister)
Clubs: Junior Fire Squad 2, Manhattan Club
First Short: Stage Fright
Last Short: Yale Vs. Harvard


Mango is the little sister of Ernie and Farina, and they are constantly chasing after her and making her an unwilling participant in their adventures. Ernie enters her in a baby contest in Cradle Robbers, and Farina tries to put her in the Rascal's Junior jailhouse in Official Officers, but she keeps getting out through the bars. She also becomes a part of Joe Cobb's junior fire department in The Fourth Alarm!. When Farina thinks Joe has turned Mango into a monkey in Chicken Feed, the Rascals chase after Mango as she seemingly turns into other things, but eventually, they find her safe, although she looks like a ghost.
In time, Mango is eventually tagging after Farina much as Farina was once tagging after Ernie. She tags along with the gang in War Feathers, and swallows a silver half-dollar reward when the bad guys are caught.
Mango and Farina's mother earns money by taking in laundry, but in Bring Home The Turkey, they are living with their Uncle Tom when she, Farina and Pleurisy are taken away by county officials and placed in the Happyland Home Orphanage. Fortunately Uncle Tom manages to rescue them and the other kids. Things don't stay well for long, because in The Smile Wins, the rent comes due as their mother is bed-ridden, but some trickery and innocent confusion save her family and everything turns out well.
Some publicity stills give her the character name of "Aroma," but this name is not known to appear in any of the films.
Quotes: None


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