Character: Mickey's Mother, Mary's Mother, Joe's Mother, and Mary Ann's Mother, among other roles
Birthday: January 19, 1889
Place of Birth: Elmdale, Kansas
Date of Death: May 2, 1971
Place of Death: Hollywood, California
First Short: Tire Trouble
Last Short: For Pete's Sake
Number of Shorts: 33
History: Not much is known about Lyle Tayo. Born Lyle Barton, she starred in about fifty-nine films between 1921 and 1934 as a contract player for Hal Roach Studios. She appeared in comedies with Laurel & Hardy, the Little Rascals and Charley Chase, among others. She appeared in more Our Gang comedies than any other adult actor. Her first film appearance was in the Harold Lloyd comedy, Among Those Present. She retired from acting after the 1934 Our Gang short For Pete's Sake! and married, becoming a housewife and mother. Lyle returned for one more film role in 1948's The Miracle of Bells. She passed away in 1971 at the age of eighty-two; she was laid to rest in Valhalla Memorial Cemetry in North Hollywood.

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