Little Rascals Varieties was a 1959 feature film complication of musical Our Gang shorts. Produced by Allied Artists, the 63 minute film was released to theaters on May 5, 1959.


Featured were four Our Gang musical shorts, each having only a minimal amount a footage removed.

  • Our Gang Follies Of 1936 - Missing is the scene showing the African American kids in the audience disappearing (minus their eyes) when Dickie Jones turns the lights out. Following that scene, when Spanky says, "All right Scotty, curtain!" the first three words are deleted.
  • The Pinch Singer - Entitled "The Amateurs", missing is the first few seconds of the establishing shot of the building where the radio contest is being held. The first few lines of the "Broadway Melody" musical number are also missing.
  • Reunion In Rhythm - Entitled "Vacation Reunion", missing is Rosina Lawrence's line in which she tells Spanky to start the show; this is followed by Spanky telling the rest of the kids to get ready for the show, as well as the portion where Spanky returns to the dining table to get his piece of cake. These brief portions are also missing. Some of the lines from Alfalfa's and Georgia's exchange prior to the "Going Hollywood" number are also missing.

Opening Titles

The opening title sequence (as well as the theatrical trailer and lobby posters) only give billing to (respectively) 'Spanky McFarland', 'Darla Hood', 'Alfalfa', and 'Buckwheat'.


GoodTimes Home Video released the entire film on VHS in 1999. A DVD release showed up on May 21, 2002. Clips from the film and trailer were also used for GoodTimes Home Video's documentary 'The Our Gang Story'. The complete theatrical trailer appears as a bonus feature on the Legend Films DVD release 'The Superstars of Our Gang'.

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