Character: Leonard Landy
Birthday: July 2, 1933
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: July 25, 2017
Place of Death: Palm Desert, California
First Short: Feed 'Em And Weep
Last Short: Fightin' Fools
Number of Shorts: 21
History: Known for his freckles and red hair, Leonard Landy played the character Leonard in Our Gang from 1938 into well into the M-G-M years. His character was called "Percy" in his first appearance, but he was always called "Leonard" thereafter. After leaving the series, he seems to have left acting for a regular life, later appearing in a 1950s version of the comedy series, which was syndicated for television and re-titled “The Little Rascals.” Hal Roach produced both productions. Eventually, he vanished so far that when Maltin and Bann published their first "Our Gang" book in 1977, they left him pretty much unidentified. Leonard was finally identified by his cousin, Edward Gilman, and found living in Palm Desert, California with his wife. They had two children. Every so often, he attended Our Gang reunions. In 1980, Landy acted in an “Our Gang” reunion sponsored by The Sons of the Desert. He made numerous appearances with the Los Angeles-based chapter of the Sons. His last appearance was a mini-reunion with eight other “Our Gang” members in 2014.
Sadly, Leonard passed away on July 25, 2017. He was 84.

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