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Spanky McFarland and Leonard Percy Landy


Name: Leonard Percy (Landy)
Nick Name: Freckles (?)
Played By: Leonard Landy
Born: Relatives: None Known
Clubs: Third Ward Sunshine Spredders Club, All-4-One Club
First Short: Feed 'Em And Weep
Last Short: Fightin' Fools


With his top of curly red hair and freckled face, Leonard (or Percy as he is known in Feed 'Em And Weep ) looks like he could be the son of Mickey Daniels and Mary Kornman. Not much is known about him, but he often seen wearing a round farmer's hat and overalls. He starts out as a friend of Junior and later of Mickey. He follows the gang on adventures either sneaking into Greenpoint Community Hospital to see Darla in Men In Fright, saving Alfalfa from his aunt in Alfalfa's Aunt or attending a camping disaster where he has to be rescued by the Boy Scouts in Joy Scouts. He also likes playing football, fishing and racing go-carts in Time Out For Lessons, Goin' Fishin' and Auto Antics. At times, he also appears in a small capacity in Spanky's shows, either as an audience member (Aladdin's Lantern) or in the play, as in All About Hash and Waldo's Last Stand.
Quotes: None


  • Leonard Landy was one of the few supporting Our Gang characters to survive from Hal Roach Studios to its move to MGM.

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