Leonard Kibrick


Name: Leonard (Kibrick)
Nick Name: None
Played By: Leonard Kibrick
Born: (Leonard) 1924
Relatives: William (father), Mother (name unrevealed), Sidney (brother),
Clubs: Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks, The Eagles Club
First Short: For Pete's Sake
Last Short: Divot Diggers


Bio: Leonard is concievably the older brother to The Woim and the son of William Kibrick, the owner of a local toy and novelty store in town, first shown in For Pete's Sake. Though we hear their mother's voice, she doesn't exactly appear on-screen. In his first appearance, Leonard is playing with his lasso when he loops and snatches Marianne's doll, losing it in the street where it gets destroyed by a truck running over it. Whether he knew the truck was coming to do the damage or not is a matter of the debate, he was possibly just showing off, but his attitude about refusing to replace what he considers "an old rag doll" definitely makes him a little stinker. His father is no worse, refusing to sell a new doll to Wally Albright after merchandise is accidentally broken in the store. At one time, Leonard and Wally were probably actually friends; they played football together in Washee Ironee. For the games, Leonard wore an oversized noseguard that blocked almost all of his face. Just why he became antagonistic later could be from the fact that when he tried to sing "My Wild Irish Rose" on the radio, Tommy and Alvin ate some lemons that made him pucker so much that he couldn't finish the song. Leonard later turns up working as a caddy at the golf course in Divot Diggers for some spending money, possibly because his father wouldn't do it.
It's not really sure what happens to Leonard in the history of the Rascals. In his last appearance, he's working as a caddy at the Greenpoint Country Club and Golf Course when he runs into Spanky and Alfalfa, but after that, it can be assumed he was possibly sent to military school.
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