Kibrick's Variety Store

Kibrick's Variety Store. Mr. Kibrick is on the right.


Kibrick Toys and Novelties is a local business owned and operated by William Kibrick, the father of Leonard and The Woim, although the name on front glass actually reads "Variety Store - Novelties, Notions, Toys & Games." It's at number 261 on an unidentified street. Wally comes to his store to get a doll for Marianne to replace the one Leonard destroyed. Leonard suggests Wally trade his dog Pete for the doll, using Pete as a watchdog. Wally initially refuses, but unable to come up with the $1.25 price tag, reluctantly agrees to the swap. However, when a vase is accidentally broken by the gang, Mr. Kibrick takes the doll back to cover the damage, and keeps Pete. However, Pete turns out to be too destructive to be kept and Mr. Kibrick soon relinquishes him back to Wally and gives him a new doll.

Mr. Kibrick replaces the store with the Kibrick Orangeade Shop in The Lucky Corner.


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