Junior Fire Squad 4 Fire Engine

The Junior Fire Squad 4 Fire Engine being ridden by Pete, Stymie, Bubbles, Tommy Bupp, Scotty, Tony Kales, Tommy Bond, Wally, and Spanky


The Junior Fire Squad 4 Fire Engine is the creation of the Junior Fire Squad 4. When Jerry Tucker moves into town to Cherry Street, he brings with him a shiny brand new Piemont Fire Engine. After he pushes everyone off of it, Wally Albright announces he's got an engine big enough for the whole gang to ride. Caught in the lie afterward, the gang helps him to build it. Tommy Bupp knows where to get the lumber, Stymie Beard gets the ladder from a local window washer, Tommy "Butch" Bond collects the whhels off two tricycles and two baby strollers, Donald Proffitt absconds with a neighbor's hose and Spanky McFarland searches the trash bins at curbsides for a steering wheel and a bell. During the building, Only Wally, Stymie, Tommy Bond and Tommy Bupp get to engage in the building as the other kids watch. Spanky briefly helps Stymie with the wheel assembly, but Stymie discovers he's only really slowing down the process as Spanky removes wheels from the back that Stymie has attached, and Spanky then hands them to Stymie who puts them on again more toward the front.
The full conveyance is basically a long board atop tthee axles with a dust bin hood, ladder roof with a hose tangled through it and a board against the axle as a brake. The front license plate reads "3S-61-41 California 33." It's not nearly as ingenious as the fleet of the Junior Fire Squad 3, and it's so big, the guys have to tear down a wall to get it out of the barn. The entire gang rides in a row the length of it with Stymie riding in back with Pete and Spanky up front ringing the bell. When Jerry goads the gang to ride down a hill with him, the whole contraption careen hill quickly with the unfixed back part soon pulling it sideways into a rolling barracade. After Jerry crashes, Wally and the gang smash their way through a hedge, the branches and twigs ripping the clothes off the most of the gang except for Spanky protected inside the hood.



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