The Fire Squad from Hi'-Neighbor!


This fourth incarnation of the Junior Fire Squad was founded by Wally Albright, not to put out fires but for the sake of a pretty face. In order to win Jane back from Jerry Tucker, Wally and the gang combine forces to build a fire engine to hold the entire gang and subsequently out-race Jerry. Donald provides the lumber, Stymie gets the ladder and Tommy finds the wheels. As large as their conveyance is, it does not steer well fully-loaded and it ends up crashing through a prickly hedge whose branches rip the clothes off of its passengers.
Stymie Beard and Spanky McFarland were also members of Dickie Moore's Junior Fire Squad.

Roll Call: Donald Proffitt, Scotty Beckett, Spanky McFarland, Stymie Beard, Tommy Bond, Tommy Bupp, Tony Kales (undetermined), Bubbles Trin, Wally Albright


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