Dickie, Spud, Breezy, Speck, Dorothy, Bouncy, Stymie, Spanky


The Junior Fire Squad was founded by Dickie Moore, encouraged by a manpower shortage in the Greenpoint Fire Department reported in the local newspaper. Equipped with a crooked-wheeled water pump truck (possibly left behind by the Goat Alley Fire Department) and a dog-powered chief's car, the gang tries to be exactly like real firemen, even down to wearing fire hats and raincoats and snoring when they sleep over in their barn turned firehouse. Unfortunately, Dickie is constantly distracted by having to give medicine to his baby brother, Spanky. Dickie's best friend, Stymie, is his co-chief and Breezy Brisbane is their look-out. Breezy eventually notices a warehouse near the fire station burning down and the gang rushes in their elaborate fleet to put out the fire. In a weird coincidence, this place also holds crates of dynamite and black powder as did the chemist lab in The Fourth Alarm, and being unable to read, Stymie tosses them out an upstairs window to save them. The resulting explosions attract the real fire department who rush to the scene in time to congratulate Dickie for putting out the fire.
A sign on the barn door announces Dickie as "Cheef," Spanky, Spud, Breezy, Bouncy, Speck, and Dorothy as "Sistant Cheef"s, and Stymie as "Hozeman Cheef."
Roll Call: Bouncy Wertz, Breezy Brisbane, Dickie Moore, Echo DeBorba, Spanky McFarland, Speck MacDonald, Spud Bailey, Stymie Beard.


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