Junior in Canned Fishing


Name: Gary Hood
Nickname: Junior, Slapsie (in Clown Princes)
Played By: Gary Jasgur
Relatives: Arthur (father), "Mother" (mother), Darla (sister), Stepmother (unnamed)
Clubs: None
First Short: Night-N-Gales
Last Short: Cousin Wilbur


Bio: Gary, or "Junior" is the little brother of Darla Hood, the sweetheart of Alfalfa Switzer. Darla ends up having to watch over him several times when Alfalfa wants to spend time with her, but just how many of these times are real is uncertain. On at least one occasion, Darla is caught in a lie by Spanky and Alfalfa in Three Men In A Tub. On one occasion, even Spanky's mother minds him in Canned Fishing, leaving Spanky and Alfalfa to finish the job as she runs out on an errand.
Junior is the son of local dentist, James B. Hood Sr., who is also revealed to own a circus in Bear Facts. Mr. Hood has a hard time dealing with his daughter's friends in his house in Night-N-Gales and in Feed 'Em And Weep, and Junior at times doesn't care for Alfalfa at all. He rolls his eyes at Alfalfa's singing in Night-N-Gales and later hits Butch with a suction dart, something for which Alfalfa gets blamed. As Alfalfa fakes a busted leg to avoid a fight in Fishy Tales, Junior innocently sets cats loose and turns over a bucket of live crabs to bust the deception.
Barely saying a word in the series, Junior becomes best friends with Leonard. When the two of them are accused of taking Darla's chocolate from her toy baby carriage in Hide And Shriek, Alfalfa, Porky and Buckwheat follow them to try and get it back, later getting themselves trapped in a haunted house attraction at the amusement park.
Not much more is known about Junior. Later on in the series, it's revealed that his mother has passed on and his father is getting married again in Wedding Worries. Very little is seen of Junior after that.
Quotes: None


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