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Joe Cobb, George McFarland, William Thomas


Character: Joe Cobb
Birthday: November 7, 1916
Place of Birth: Shawnee, Oklahoma
Date of Death: May 21, 2002
Place of Death: Santa Ana, California
First Short: The Big Show
Last Short: Lazy Days (as regular gang member)
Number of Shorts: 85 (not counting 3 cameos)
Year Active: 1923–1941
History: With that big smiling farmboy grin and funny round body, he could only have become an actor. Joe Frank Cobb was one of the top most favorite stars in the Our Gang series, trailing only Farina, Spanky and Buckwheat for appearing in the most shorts. Joe and his father were one day visiting the Hal Roach Studios when the noon whistle blew and they followed the casting people to lunch. After lunch, they sort of borrowed Joe and took him to wardrobe, starring him in the movie, "A Tough Winter," alongside James Finlayson.
The director, Charley Chase (then known as Charley Parrott), remembered Joe when he was the supervising director in the Our Gang series and cast him soon in The Big Show, the seventh short of the series. He lasted longer than any other star of the silent film shorts, with the obvious exception of Allen Hoskins, who lasted well into the Talkies. After a few films, Joe became master of ceremonies for the Our Gang publicity tours and found the time to make cameos in Fish Hooky, Pay As You Exit and Reunion In Rhythm with the new younger Little Rascals in the series. After Hal Roach Studios changed hands in the Forties, Joe had to get a real job and became an assembler, later working alongside Jackie Condon at Rockwell International in Los Angeles for thirty years.
During his life, Joe never grew any taller than five feet, but his looks barely changed. His neighbor in Culver City was his best friend, Bob Davis, the transportation director for Hal Roach Studios, who drove the kids to all their exterior location shots for filming.

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