Joe the Dog

Joe the Dog with Mickey in Lodge Night


Joe is Mickey Daniels's dog and can be told apart from Jackie's dog, T-bone, who knows how to fight. He loses a fight with a cat in The Cobbler and gets a black eye with a ring drawn it. Joe follows Mickey to school in Commencement Day and to his Cluck Cluck Klams clubhouse, delivers home the milk in Fast Company and is used to power or pull Mickey's conveyances in Derby Day and The Sun Down Limited. He's possibly the same dog who appears in July Days and The Buccaneers where he sets the gang's boat adrift.
Joe is possibly litter mates with Bill, Ernie and Farina's dog, and T-bone; they were all played by the same dog. It is unsure how many of this pooch's appearances belong to which roles. Maltin and Bann confuse him with Pal.


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