Jimmy Gubitosi

Jimmy Gubitosi in 1-2-3-Go!


Jimmy Gubitosi is one of the students at Greenpoint Grammar School. However, there are possibly as many as three boys who share his outward appearance. One of these boys is Nick Alalapopolous from Helping Hands who plays a "lootinent" in Spanky McFarland's kiddie army. He has four siblings named Gus, Helen, Hector and Nector.
Another boy resembling Jimmy is a member of the Gas House Gang, referred to by name as either "Rush" or "McGuire" by Frank who runs the gang's extortion ring as they abduct Buckwheat and Big Shot to keep them silent from exposing their crimes. This is possibly the same boy with Bully Chapman pushing around Lee Wong in Baby Blues.
Jimmy and/or Nick make a number of appearances in the neighborhood, such as at the local Father's Day picnic in Dad For A Day and Froggy Laughlin's birthday party. He is also in the audience of Spanky's circus in Clown Princes, Spanky's Red Cross fund in Ye Olde Minstrels and Spanky's show in Melodies Old And New. One or both of them play baseball in 1-2-3-Go!, becoming a member of the 1-2-3-Go Safety Society and losing a home run due to the new rule that a ball hit into the street must be played over, and have to be home by eight o'clock in The Big Premiere. Jimmy, Nick and the Gas House Gang member were all played by the same child actor, James Gubitosi, the older brother of Robert Blake.


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