Jerry Tucker


Name: Jerome "Jerry" Tucker
Nick Name: Percy (possibly)
Played By: Jerry Tucker (actor)
Born: 1925
Relatives: None known
Clubs: Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks and The Eagles Club
First Short: Shiver My Timbers
Last Short: Three Men In A Tub


Bio: Jerry Tucker represents the pampered brat. Coming from a well-to-do family, he stands for the image of the over-privileged rich kid, a far cry from Waldo, but with a bit of the ego of Butch and none of the honor or humility of Wally Albright. When he first arrives in Greenpoint in Hi'-Neighbor!, he's more concerned that the gang might damage his brand-new pedal-powered, two-seated fire engine than sharing it. When he gets his due, it's a bitter pill he has to swallow.
Despite this uneasy start, there seem to be two sides to Jerry's character. There is the side that sits with the gang to hear the stories of the Old Sea Captain in Shiver My Timbers, play football with them in Washee Ironee, goes to church in Little Sinner, razzes Spanky at a talent show in Beginner's Luck and form two clubs: the Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks in Anniversary Trouble and the Eagles Club in The Pinch Singer. In Glove Taps, he rallies behind Alfalfa when Butch appears as the school bully and helps dump water over The Woim after Butch loses the resulting fight. When Jerry attends Spanky's Our Gang Follies Of 1936, he's immediately smitten by Darla Hood, who he eventually loses to Alfalfa Switzer. It's possibly the other Jerry who tries to steal Wally Albright's girl, Jane, in Hi'-Neighbor!.
As proof of these two possible separate kids, we see one Jerry in the Happy Home Orphanage along with the gang in Shrimps For A Day while another Jerry attends Green Street Grammar School in Teacher's Beau and Two Too Young. The more obnoxious Jerry Tucker could be the young man also known as Percy in Sprucin' Up, the boyfriend of Marianne Jones.
Jerry seems to be another victim of the often erratic and haphazard continuity of the shorts, a pattern which was at it's height during the Wheezer years and didn't calm until sometime after Spanky took over leadership of the group. Ideally, there could have been two kids named Jerry Tucker in the group who never crossed paths, the more obnoxious one better known as Percy, or just perhaps, the gang learned to tolerate him at times to allow him to join them in their exploits.
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