Name: James Finlayson
Nick Name: Fin, "Old Buzz-Fuzz"
Played By: James Finlayson
Relatives: None
Clubs: None
First Short: Official Officers
Last Short: Seeing The World


Bio: James Finlayson is the Adams Street Grammar School teacher for the kids following Mother Malone's Boarding School and before Miss MacGillicuddy. Over-worked and frazzled after trying to tach them, he is very much looking for his trip across Europe to see Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Venice, London and Paris. However, a sleeping pill induced into his drinking water forces him to have a nightmare where the class follows him through Europe on his vacation.
Mr. Finlayson also seems to resemble a number of other characters in Greenpoint, such as a radio station talent in Mary, Queen Of Tots, a Justice of the Peace in Thundering Fleas and Mr. Brown at the bank, who gets into a battle of words with Spanky in Mush And Milk. There is also a spooky painting resemblig him in a haunted house in Fast Freight. An unidentified motorist seen in Official Officers could very well be the schoolteacher himself out of the school. Quotes: None


  • None known

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