Name: Jacquie
Nickname: None
Played By: Jackie Lyn Dufton
Born: Unrevealed
Relatives: None
Clubs: None
First Short: Free Wheeling
Last Short: Birthday Blues


Bio: Jacquie is a friend of Spanky's, and most likely around the same age as he is. Jacquie and Spanky are typically regarded by the older kids as tag-a-longs, and therefore the two are often left out of the other kids' fun. In Free Wheeling, the two are told by Breezy Brisbane that they can't ride the gang's taxi unless they have money. Jacquie and Spanky manage to find an organ grinder's monkey, who just so happens to have tons of coins on his person. The duo, along with the monkey, finally get the chance to ride on the kids' taxi, joining Stymie and Dickie Moore in a fast ride down a steep hill. Jacquie later helps Dickie and Stymie prepare a cake in Birthday Blues, where she assists Spanky in placing 'prizes' in the cake batter.
Quotes: "Spanky, don't you think we're going rather fast?" - Jacquie in Free Wheeling



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