Character: Jane, Jackie Albright
Birthday: June 29. 1926
Place of Birth: Compton, California
Date of Death: May 5, 2014
Place of Death: Citrus Heights, California
First Short: Hi'-Neighbor!
Last Short: Shrimps For A Day
Number of Shorts: 5
History: Jacqueline "Jackie" Lynn Taylor owes her time as one of the Little Rascals to two other actresses. The previous blonde heroine had been played by Jackie Lyn Dufton; Dufton starred in two shorts for the series, but was forced out after her father asked for too much money. When Hi'-Neighbor! was in production, another young actress named Jane Withers was then hired and paid for two weeks' work. Just as shooting began, Jane was off working on the movie, "Bright Eyes," with Shirley Temple. Jackie then came in, and as Maltin and Bann put in, "inherited her role and her name." Incidentally, that particular short was the only time Jackie was ever given a character name via dialogue. In her subsequent Our Gang shorts, she is left unnamed, although her full name sometimes showed up in the shorts' cutting continuities.
After the Rascals, Jackie worked steadily in television as a television personality in Southern California, later co-hosting "The Little Rascals Family Theater" from San Diego in the 70's and 80's with husband Jack Fries. She was also a colleague of former Rascal Johnny Downs as early as the 1950's. She later became Dr. Hope Taylor Fries D.D., president of the non-denominational Academy of Infinite Meta-Physics. She died of Alzheimer's disease on May 5, 2014. She was 88 years old.

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