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Character: Jackie, Roosie, Adelbert Wallingford and Cousin Percy
Birthday: March 25, 1918
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: October 13, 1977
Place of Death: Inglewood, California
First Short: Our Gang
Last Short: Election Day
Number of Shorts: 78
Year Active: 1919–1967
History: Not much is known about Jackie Condon's early beginnings before he started out as one of the very first "Little Rascals." He was born John Michael Condon on March 25, 1918, and he first started appearing in short films before "Our Gang" between 1919 and 1924. He starred in seventy-eight "Our Gang" shorts in over seven years, including all sixty-six of the Roach-Pathe silents and the first seventy-seven shorts overall, later gathering with his co-stars in several Our Gang reunions, but like several of them, once he lost the appeal of being a cute child-star, he found it much harder to get any acting parts. He ended up working at Rockwell International alongside Joseph Cobb, who played Joe Cobb in the series. Well-liked by everyone who knew him, he passed away from cancer in 1977.

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