Character: Jack M.
Birthday: May 25, 1913
Place of Birth: Deer Lodge, Montana
Date of Death: January 13, 1983
Place of Death: Las Vegas, Nevada
First Short: Shivering Shakespeare
Last Short: Shivering Shakespeare
Number of Shorts: 1
History: Jack McHugh was a child actor who appeared in over 300 Juvenile short comedies, including the Buster Brown series, and the Big Boy series. The latter series was originally conceived as a series solely for McHugh, but due to the popularity of actor Malcolm W. Sabiston, his role was reduced, and eventually he was dropped from the series. He appeared in one Our Gang short, 1930's Shivering Shakespeare, as a tough kid. After his stint in short subjects, McHugh continued to have bit parts in feature films. His last known film appearance was in the 1939 film Boys' Reformatory.

He died on January 13, 1983 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • Big Boy series (originally the Juvenile Comedies) (1924-1929) - with Malcolm W. Sabiston and Harry Spear.
  • Buster Brown series (1925-1929) - with Pete the Pup
  • McDougall Alley Kids series (1926-1928)
  • The Flying Horseman (1926) - with Harry Spear and Monty O'Grady
  • Stick to Your Story (1926)
  • Wild Puppies (1928)
  • The Wright Idea (1928)
  • Chinatown Nights (1929) - with Wallace Beery
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
  • The Mayor of Hell (1933) - with Allen "Farina" Hoskins and James Cagney
  • This Day and Age (1933) - with Mickey Daniels and Billy Gilbert
  • Wild Boys of the Road (1933)
  • The Merry Frinks (1934)
  • The Man with Two Faces (1934) - with Edward G. Robinson
  • 6 Day Bike Rider (1934) - with Joe E. Brown
  • Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934)
  • Babbitt (1934) - with Hattie McDaniel
  • The Irish in Us (1935) - with James Cagney and Pat O'Brien
  • Special Agent (1935) - with William Naylor and Bette Davis
  • Two Against the World (1936) - with Humphrey Bogart
  • This is My Affair (1937) - with Robert Taylor
  • Six-Gun Rhythm (1939)
  • Boys' Reformatory (1939) - with David Durand and Frank Coghlan, Jr.
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