Jack H.

Jack laughing at Paul.


Jack Hanlon is a local kid in Jay R. Smith's neighborhood. He is one of the four boys who is wrongly beat up by the gang after Wheezer "raspberries" them for their horrible performances. He actually disapproves of their performance the first time watching them, resulting in a beating. Then, he is playing in the dirt. Wheezer raspberries them again, and they attack him again. For a third time, they pick him up and throw him into the puddle that Paul kept falling in. He and the other three boys team up and start egging the gang, which then causes a big fight. While fighting, they finally hear Wheezer's raspberries, but he gets Minnie to sic them.
A short time later Jack is so desperate to get rid of his dog Pansy that he gives Farina a quarter to take Pansy off his hands. This may have been a good move on Jack's part as Pansy proves to be a troublemaker by soon swallowing many capsules of Bahama Oil and causing many explosions when he coughs them up.

Jack Hanlon was played by actor Jack Hanlon.


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