Jackie Davis


Name: Jack "Jackie" Davis
Nickname: "The Bone Crusher" (in The Champeen!), Skinny (possibly) (in The Big Town)
Played By: Jack Davis (actor)
Born: 1914
Relatives: Imogene (sister)
Clubs: Mystic J.J.J.'s, Cluck Cluck Klams
First Short: Young Sherlocks
Last Short: Derby Day


Bio: Jack Davis is a member of the kids who attend Mother Malone's Boarding School in Boys To Board. With them, he plays football against the Goose Alley Juniors in No Noise. He rides a donkey-powered double-decker bus in Back Stage, gets a scooter from Mr. Anderson, the blacksmith, in July Days, gets confused as a welfare kid for a trip to San Francisco in A Pleasant Journey and helps turn a barn into a clubhouse for their club, The Cluck Cluck Klams, innocently wearing sheets out of observing a certain American hate group.
Jack does develop a crush on Mary Kornman, twice fighting Mickey Daniels for the honor of being with her in The Champeen! and Dogs Of War!. Both times, Mary gets distracted by someone else.

  • "Chase yo'rself - You're too little to play with us men." - Jack in The Big Show
  • "I'll put some oil on the doojigger." - Jack in The Cobbler
  • "That ain't nothin' - watch me." - Jack in The Cobbler
  • "Le's fix the ol' car while he's gone - All it needs is jazz." - Jack in The Cobbler
  • "Nothin' doin'! This is all I got." - Jack in The Champeen!
  • "Jus' wait till I getcha in the ring!" - Jack
  • "WHERE YA GOIN' WITH OUR GIRL?" - Mickey and Jack in The Champeen!
  • "Hold still! How can I count freckles if you're gonna wiggle your mussels?" - Jack in A Pleasant Journey
  • "I'm woonded! I gotta go to th' hosspital!" - Jack in Dogs Of War!
  • "Look sad - I'm gonna take close-ups!" - Jack in Dogs Of War!
  • "He's a sheek!" - Jack in Lodge Night
  • "I'll knock your block off -" - Mickey
  • "Ain't she a pip?" - Jack in July Days
  • "Le's us go too - Mebbe he'd like some green apples." - Jack in No Noise
  • "Tha's all the jockey's names - an' battin' averages." - Jack in Derby Day


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