Imperial Steel Company bond


The Imperial Steel Company of Delaware has been in business a long time and issues bonds to the public. Mrs. Mack's late husband left her around twenty shares, telling her that they would be valuable some day. When she is in danger of being thrown out of her house by her deceased daughter's nefarious husband Dan and his equally cruel new wife, she finds them, but believing them to be worthless, gives them to Chubby to tie onto the tail of his kite after Wheezer fails to light a match and burn them. A letter from the company arrives informing her that the stock has gone up and is worth a small fortune, but Dan intercepts the letter and breaks Grandma Mack's glasses so she can't read it. Dan pretends to read the letter, telling Mrs. Mack the bonds are worthless, but when she tellls him where they are, he chases the gang and tries to steal their kite. After a prolonged struggle Grandma and the gang triumph over Dan.


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