Henry Mills

Henry Mills


Henry Mills is the chairman of the board of directors of the Pan-American Exports Company, whose office is number 814 in the Liberty Building. A title card describes him as "Henry Mills, financier - In his office, a man of sixty - In his heart, a boy of ten." On his way to a board meeting, Mills instructs his chauffeur to stop so that Henry can watch some of the gang playing baseball. He asks to take a couple swings, and on his second hit he breaks a window.

When the gang is chased out of the lot they use for their amusement park by some surveyors scoping the lot for a new factory, they go to Mills' office to plead their cause. He listens, and recalls his childhood when he and his friends created a circus. He walks out on his board meeting and takes the gang to the lot, and decides to help them improve their amusement park. When the other directors catch up, Mills enlists them to help build the park and supply labor for the rides. At the end of the day he decides to retire and stay young, leaving the business to the remaining directors.

Henry Mills was played by actor Paul Weigel.


  • "Let's put all them silk hats to work - The exercise will do 'em good." - Henry Mills in Boys Will Be Joys



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