Character: Mother Malone, Mickey's Mother, Joe and Jackie's Mother,
Birthday: January 4, 1862
Place of Birth: Washington, DC
Date of Death: November 16, 1936
Place of Death: Los Angeles, California
First Short: Our Gang
Last Short: Shivering Shakespeare
Number of Shorts: 17
History: A student from Columbia University in New York City, Helen Gilmore made her acting debut in the 1922 Silent Movie "When We Were Young" with Henry Hull. She worked in the stock company of George Cukor and on tour with Bette Davis, William Hodge and Spencer Tracy among others. In her career, she starred in over a hundred movies and a handful of Our Gang appearances before leaving acting and the theater to become affiliated with Liberty Magazine. In 1938, she became editor of Movie Mirror Magazine which became Photoplay in 1941. She passed away from acute leukemia in 1947 at the age of forty-seven, survived by her husband, Richard Florac.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • When We Were Young (1922)
  • Too Much Business (1922)
  • Good Men And True (1922)
  • Post No Bills (1923)
  • Mother's Joy (1923)
  • Postage Due (1924)
  • The Fraidy Cat (1924) - with Charley Chase and Our Gang
  • Should Landlord's Live (1924)
  • Bunglow Boobs (1924)
  • Wild Papa (1925)
  • Should Sailors Marry? (1926)
  • Madame Mystery (1926)
  • Never Too Old (1926)
  • The Merry Widower (1926)
  • The Eyes Have It (1928)
  • Their Purple Moment (1928) - with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
  • Two Tars (1928) - with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

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