Character: Harry Spear
Birthday: December 16,1921
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: September 22, 2006
Place of Death: San Diego, California
First Short: Chicken Feed
Last Short: Bouncing Babies
Number of Shorts: 31
History: Not much is known about Harry Spear. Before Our Gang, he starred in a few Buck Jones westerns at Fox Studios. After sound came in, he was replaced by Jackie Cooper as the tough guy. Afterward, Harry turned to vaudeville and was still touring as late as 1935. From there, Harry vanished into society and at some point began denying his association with the "The Little Rascals." Even Our Gang alumni have no idea where he is. One Harry Spears imposter died with a picture of the real Harry Spear in his obit. Fern Carter, the on-set teacher for the kids, kept close with all the kids through Christmas cards, and the last she knew, he was working at a bank on San Pedro, California. Members of the Sons of the Deserts eventually finally found a lead on Harry Spear, whom they were able to find under the name 'Harry S. Bonner' and found the address Spear was currently living at. Unfortunately, Harry denied that he was the man which they were looking. Instead, he told the Sons members that his grandmother had taken in a kid off of the streets, and he had been the Our Gang kid they were looking for. Afterwards, Spear was asked numerous times (via mail) to submit to an interview, but he never responded. After his death of kidney cancer in 2006, his wife was asked to submit to an interview on Harry, but she too ignored all requests. Nobody knows for sure why Harry refused any fame. According to neighbors and former co-workers, Harry was not a nice man. Former Our Ganger Jean Darling had only one word to say about her co-star? "Phooey!"

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