Radio Stations

Microphones of Radio Stations WXR, KHWY, WKX, WSRO, and WEHE before being destroyed by Froggy in 1-2-3-Go!


Greenpoint has a number of local and possibly local radio stations in its immediate area. Both NIX Radio Station and KHJ Radio Station are known for their radio plays. KWZ Radio Station frequently holds radio contests, mostly for underage kids with musical and singing talent, although a few dancers even slip through to the radio. GBK Radio Station also holds contests, most notably a local amateur hour featuring singing and skits. GXK Radio Station allows community leaders to make public serivce announcements. Local news stations include the stations WHN, WXR, KHWY, WKX, WSRO and WEHE who each get knocked off the air at the same time by Froggy's gravelly voice in 1-2-3 Go!.


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