Golden Age Dramatic League

Main members of the Golden Age Dramatic League, Wheezer, Farina, Jackie, Mary Ann, and Chubby, ready to bombard Funston Evergreen Kennedy with pies


The Golden Age Dramatic League is a children's acting troupe established by Mrs. Funston Evergreen Kennedy. It includes Jackie Cooper, Farina Hoskins, Mary Ann, Chubby Chaney, and Wheezer in a play called The Gladiator's Dilemma with Chubby playing Nero and reading his lines from the inside of his toga. The other kids also turn to improvising with names for their characters such as "Mary Annicus" and "Farinicus." Douglas Greer controls the curtains.

Roll Call: Bobby Mallon, Buster Slaven, Chubby Chaney, Douglas Greer, Georgie Billings, Farina Hoskins, Jackie Cooper, Jerry McGowan, Malcolm W. Sabiston, Mary Ann, Rusty Tolbert, Speck Haines, Wheezer Hutchins


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