Glucose Indians

Glucose Indians with Farina (second on left)


The Glucose Indians are a possibly indigenous western Native American Indian tribe living near Red Dog in an area a two to three day train ride from Greenpoint. In Red Dog, Farina Hoskins swaps places with a papoose (Indian child) from the tribe so that he can play Cowboys and Indians with the Gang, but right after he changes clothes he is picked up by one tribe member and deposited into a waist-high wooden baby carrier strapped to the back of another. When the trapped Farina protests, the Glucose carrying him swats him with a flyswatter, causing Farina to shut up, and he gets carried off to the reservation. Still thinking Farina is a Glucose, they hang the baby carrier on a hook on a post, but then they discover him and act like they will "cook 'um." A bear then emerges from a nearby cave and scares them off, but Farina thinks he's intimidated the tribe. The bear knocks the carrier off the hook from behind, and Farina crawls out and then plays with some Indian paraphernalia until he finally sees the bear and runs away, only to get picked up by two outlaws unknowingly carrying the Gang in their covered wagon.

Glucose is actually a term for the measure of sugar in the body; if there was such a actual tribe, it would be related to the native local Chumash Indian tribes of Southern California.


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