Giovanna Gubitosi

Giovanna in Come Back, Miss Pipps


Giovanna Gubitosi is a student at Greenpoint Grammar School where she is possibly friends with Darla Hood. She likes to eat her lunch on the front steps of the school and helps Darla to embarrass Spanky McFarland and Alfalfa Switzer in front of Sally Stevens, the new student. Mostly, Joan tags along on their adventures and shows, such as Spanky and Alfalfa's movie in The Big Premiere, their Sixth Grade play to help Miss Pipps, the Volto demonstration at Black's Department Store and Spanky's Red Cross fund in Ye Olde Minstrels, where she laughs at Froggy's singing attempt. It is Joan whom Froggy eavesdrops upon to learn about the secret surprise birthday party the gang throws for him.

Giovanna was played by actress Giovanna Gubitosi, the real-life sister of Mickey Gubitosi. She later Americanized her name to Joan Blake.


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