Georgie Billings

Georgie in A Lad An' A Lamp


Georgie Billings is a student at Green Street Grammar School under Miss Kornman. Her start as the local teacher is started with a day at Seaside Amusement Park. He's also a member of the Golden Age Dramatic League under Mrs. Funston Evergreen Kennedy for a play called The Gladiator's Dilemma where he plays a guard and a shepherd. He also shows up for cake at Dickie Moore's house where he gets a mouthful of powder. He also brings the lamp that Dickie and the rest of the gang are afraid of getting close to; touching it causes thunder (actually dynamite being set off on a nearby field). He also makes a vow to never get his picture taken at Otto Phocus Photography.
Georgie also resembles one of the runaways that trade places with Wheezer and Breezy in Choo-Choo!, but it's possibly not the same character.

Georgie Billings was played by actor George Billings, possibly the brother of Dick and Elmo Billings. It is unsure whether he is the same character/actor as Georgie Ernest. Maltin and Bann erroneously call him "Darby."


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