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Character: Gabe Saienz, Toughy, Snoozer, Komp, Banty
Birthday: March 26, 1913
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: July 7, 1989
Place of Death: Los Angeles, California
First Short: Young Sherlocks
Last Short: Uncle Tom's Uncle
Number of Shorts: 19
Year Active: 1922–1988
History: Gabriel Manuel Saenz (later misspelled "Saienz") was a child actor who starred in several of the Our Gang shorts through the 1920s.
Not much is known about Gabe's life and career. He was born to Manuel E. Saenz and Rose Isabel Saenz (née Peralta) on March 26, 1913 in Los Angeles, California, and was possibly introduced into acting by his parents. He played many characters during his run in Hal Roach's Our Gang series, most often bully characters like Toughy and Banty, but he left the series in 1926, never acting in another project afterward. Living a life outside of show business in 1988. On May 3, 1939, he married Lou Ella Pyeatt about whom nothing else is known. At this time, he was an employee at Golden State Lumber Company. Maltin and Bann completed missed him in their research for "The Little Rascals" book.
Saenz passed away on July 7, 1989; he was 76.

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