Free Wheeling Taxi

Free Wheeling Taxi. Breezy is driving, and Douglas Greer is barely visible in front right seat


In Free Wheeling, Breezy, Douglas Greer, and Stymie run a taxi service. Their vehicle is propelled from behind by a mule. Normally Breezy drives, Douglas assists such as by collecting fares, and Stymie is the "floating power" under the hood, operating some controls and providing the voice and music for the radio. The taxi features a front bumper that is a board on a hinge that can be used to sway annoying pedestrians out of the way, and a boxing glove on an extender than can punch people who get too close. The taxi is sued to deliver laundry to Dickie Moore's house, whereupon Stymie convinces Dickie to pay for a ride in the taxi. When they get in, the mule breaks loose after drinking from a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and scares Breezy and Douglas away. Stymie twists Dickie's neck when Dickie asks where they mule is, thereby curing his stiff nick. Spanky and Jacquie come up with the fare by shaking change from a monkey, so they get to ride in the back seat. Soon the truck departs, pulling the taxi over a hill and then the rope breaks loose, sending the taxi on a wild ride with Dickie driving. Stymie explains that it's "free wheeling" because the taxi has no brakes. It eventually stops when the boys drive it through a haystack.


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