Philbrook, Scotty, Stymie, Wally, Buckwheat, Leonard's Dad, Leonard

Production Notes

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Gus Meins
Photography: Francis Corby
Editor: Ray Snyder
Titles: None
Writer: Unrevealed
Released: April 13, 1934
Studio: M-G-M

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: Leonard shows off with his lasso, and lassos Marianne's doll, losing it in the street where a truck runs over it. He's hardly apologetic over it, but Marianne is very upset over it since she's had it near her through her illness. Wally Albright tries to fix it, but the sawdust filling in all falls out, so he promises Jackie, Marianne's big sister, that he'll get her a new even nicer doll with eyes that open and close by bedtime. Unfortunately, that sort of doll costs $1.25, and they can't afford it. to make things worse, Leonard's father owns and runs the store where the doll is. He'll trade Pete's use as a watchdog on behalf of the doll, but Wally can't do it. They try beating rugs for the cash, but it doesn't work and they do more damage than good. Wally has no choice but to painfully trade Pete for the doll, but on the way out with it, they accidentally break a vase and Leonard's father snatches the doll back to pay for the vase. He now has Pete and the doll until Wally and the gang pay for the damage. Not liking his new owners, Pete turns on the father and son, scaring them so badly that they'll surrender the doll if Wally takes Pete off their hands. The deal is met and despite a brief mix-up in dolls with Pete dragging Spanky and Scotty to the store and back, Marianne gets a new doll.

  • "This is getting monopomous." - Stymie
  • "You guys sure talk a great fight." - Spanky
  • "Aw, that could happen to anybody!" - Spanky
  • "They'll never learn." - Scotty
  • "Well, we learned them." - Scotty


  • This was the first appearance for William Thomas Jr. in Our Gang but not as Buckwheat. Instead he plays Stymie's little sister, while Matthew Beard's real life sister, Carlena, plays a character named Buckwheat!!
  • The alternate working title for this short was "Doll Diggers Of 1934."


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