Production Notes

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Robert F. McGowan
Director: Robert F. McGowam
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Richard Currier
Titles: None
Writer: H. M. Walker
Released: May 30, 1931
Studio: M-G-M

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: Grandma Mack has been a loyal parent figure to the Little Rascals for a long time; she spends time reading and playing games with them, but when her son-in-law and his new wife come around, they want to put kind old Grandma Mack in the county home and take over the store. As Dan is nosing around, he discovers a letter from the Imperial Steel Company to his mother-in-law. Apparently, the bonds her husband left her years ago are worth a lot of money, so he ups the chance to cart her off to the County Home. Unfortunately, thinking the bonds are worthless, Grandma Mack has given them to Chubby to tie onto his kite tail. Dan races off to fight Chubby for the kite after breaking Grandma's glasses so she can't read the letter. Fortunately, Stymie notices that the water in a fishbowl makes objects behind it look larger, and Grandma is able to read the letter through the fishbowl and discover that the bonds are now very valuable. She vaults to Chubby's rescue with incredible energy, joining the gang in their role in defeating her villainous son-in-law.

  • "He's all right, Grandma! I got him by the hand!" - Farina Hoskins chest deep in muddy water on the whereabouts of Stymie Beard


  • This short is considered one of the most top-rated in the series.
  • This is the second appearance of Margaret Mann as Grandma Mack; she first appeared in Helping Grandma.
  • Actor James Mason playing Dan the son-in-law is not to be confused with James Mason, the British actor.
  • Actress Mae Busch is a recurring regular in the Laurel and Hardy film series.
  • This was the last short for Mary Ann Jackson, Norman Chaney, and Shirley Jean Rickert. Allen Hoskins would return as Farina just one more time in Fish Hooky.
  • Blooper: When Grandma and one of the kids are fighting, Wheezer throws his hat, and it lands far away from him. When the camera cuts to Grandma and back to Wheezer in a wide shot, the hat is next to him but nobody touches it.
  • Blooper: The letter read to Grandma is upper and lower case at first, but it becomes written in all capital letters when seen through the goldfish bowl, possibly so it could be seen better through the fish bowl.
  • Blooper: After Dan (Jim Mason) is attacked by the gang at Grandma's house, he furiously destroys his damaged derby hat by putting his fist through it and throws it away. However, in the next shot, when he leaves Grandma's house, he's holding a brand-new pristine straw hat in his hand.
  • Blooper: Grandma reads the children a serial story from a pulp magazine clearly marked "All Stories Complete."
  • Blooper: After the kids finish sawing down the telephone pole and it starts to fall, they start to move away. However, as the camera moves out to a wider shot, the kids are all already standing far back from the pole as it falls.
  • Blooper: The stunt double for Grandma stops to adjust Grandma's wig while Grandma is "warming up."


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