Character: Ernie Weckbaugh
Birthday: July 1931
Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California
Date of Death: October 20, 2010
Place of Death:
First Short:
Last Short:
Number of Shorts: 1
History: Ernest Weckbaugh began his working life at the age of five as a child actor under contract at Warner Brothers Studios. Due to the success of Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and Our Gang, there was a huge demand for talented kids, and William McGann, his neighbor, a director for Warner Brothers, selected Weckbaugh for his photogenic looks and talent and signed him to a Warner Brothers contract and later got him into the Screen Actors Guild. He was loaned to Hal Roach Studios on occasion as an extra from 1937 to 1941, but he didn't make it as popular as the higher rated stars as George McFarland or Carl Switzer.
So far, Ernie can only be confirmed for Came The Brawn, although he recalled playing a "tagalong kid" riding a tricycle in one unidentified short (possibly not necessarily in "Our Gang") and being in the classroom when Alfalfa was reciting William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, Alfalfa never recited this. Spanky recited the Mark Anthony soliloquy in Beginner's Luck, but Alfalfa did recite "Charge Of The Light Brigade" in Two Too Young. He also recalled Farina, who couldn't swim, making several takes trying to jump in a lake on the Warner Brothers Ranch during a skinny-dipping sequence, but this again is complicated by the fact Farina had already left the series. (In actuality, this was a scene from "Penrod And His Twin Brother," a Warner film with a skinny-dipping scene. The black kid in the film was actually Philip Hurlic, who also had done bit parts as a part-time Rascal.)
After his Rascals work, Ernie worked in several movies alongside Claude Rains and Cesar Romero. He may have acquired the nickname "Stinky" in the movie "Penrod And His Twin Brother." In his later years, he was a journalist, writing a weekly column for the Los Angeles Daily News. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 79.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • Penrod And His Twin Brother (1938)
  • Sons Of Liberty (1940) - with Claude Rains
  • The Blue Bird (1940) - with Scott Beckett and Shirley Temple

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