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Elmo in Fire Fighters


Elmo Billings is one of the students at Adams Street Grammar School along with Mickey Daniels and Joe Cobb. He's also the doorkeeper at their clubhouse for the Cluck Cluck Klams as well as a member of Roosie's Goat Alley Fire Department where he's seen hanging close to Peggy Cartwright. He's also sighted in the audience for for the gang's show and Mickey Daniels' boxing match against Jack Davis for the attention of Mary Kornman.
A boy resembling Elmo pops up as one of the orphans who get the gang to replace them for a trip to San Francisco in A Pleasant Journey. This unnamed other character is possibly the same boy in the Man-Eating Tiger-Cubs of Wildcat Alley hit with a tomato by Mickey in Official Officers and joins Snoozer in a battle with the gang at West Coast Studios in Dogs Of War!.

Both Elmo and the unnamed orphan were both played by Elmo Billings.