Character: Scooter Lowry
Birthday: December 1919 (according to relatives)
Place of Birth: New York
Date of Death: Unrevealed
Place of Death: Unrevealed
First Short: Thundering Fleas
Last Short: Olympic Games
Number of Shorts: 13
History: Not much is known about Elmer Lowry. There are two men named Elmer Lowry that have been linked to his work in Our Gang, but as yet, which neither man has yet been positively identified as the true Little Rascal. Jean Darling recalls him as being disruptive which may have led to his dismissal from the series. He reportedly came from New York City to star in the Our Gang shorts and went on to star in a Vaudeville version of Our Gang.
Of the two "Scooter" claimants, one of the Lowrys worked as a salesman in a clothing store, an assistant movie-house manager, a skating rink attendant, a cabbie, an attendant at Central Islip State hospital and briefly as a waiter in a Roy's Restaurant for a few weeks. He also had two skirmishes with automobiles, surviving an accident in November 1937 and as the motorist in an accident on March 9, 1938. It is known he was still alive in 1953.
So far, little info has been released by the other claimant, but it is so far possible this gentleman might be the actual Scooter.

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