Elmer in Washee Ironee


Elmer is a capuchin monkey seen as the pet of several denizens of Greenpoint. One version of him is owned by Mrs. Albright, the mother of Wally Albright. When Wally brings the neighborhood kids in with Pete The Pup, Elmer shoots him with seltzer water and gets chased through the mansion. Mrs. Albright refers to Elmer by that name at one point. Another version of Elmer belongs to Buckwheat Thomas, going with him to meet Darla Hood in Bear Facts and chasing him around backstage at Spanky's Our Gang Follies Of 1936.

Elmer was played by Joe the Monk in Free Wheeling and Washee Ironee, and by George in Our Gang Follies Of 1936 and Bear Facts, but these might be the same monkey, according to Elmer was played by Elmer the Monkey in Aladdin's Lantern.


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