Hide and shriek

Eegle Eye Detektive Agensy


The Eegle Eye Detektive Agensy isn't much of a club but actually more of a investigative kiddie-service provided by Alfalfa Switzer. Wearing a deer-stalker hat and swearing from a cheap detective story, he employs Buckwheat and Porky as his deputies, X6 and X6 1/2 and a speckled Great Dane disguised as bloodhound, X-20. Their headquarters in in the cellar of an alleyway next to A & Z Retail. Darla comes to hire him to find a misplaced box of chocolates from her uncle, but the boys only seem to get themselves stuck in a crate delivered to the haunted house attraction at Seaside Amusement Park. The scare they encounter there force them to close their junior detective agency.

Roll Call: Alfalfa Switzer, Buckwheat Thomas, Porky,


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