Character: Edith
Birthday: May 20, 1923
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Date of Death: June 26, 2011
Place of Death:
First Short: Shivering Shakespeare
Last Short: Mush And Milk
Number of Shorts: 3
History: Edith Fellows was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She took dance lessons to overcome walking trouble and was recognized by a phony talent scout who claimed he could get in the movies. In Hollywood, she auditioned with a neighbor boy for a part in "Movie Night" from 1929, becoming a child entertainer for Columbia and eventually being loaned to the Our Gang shorts. She acted regularly through the Forties, but slowed down afterward to raise a family. She married producer Frederick Fields but divorced him in 1954. Their daughter married actor David L. Lander, best known for his role of Squiggy on TV's "Laverne And Shirley." She returned to acting, but then retired to the Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills, California. Fellow Rascal Jackie Cooper had plans to make a movie on Edith's life, but this project never happened.

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