Dinah in July Days


Dinah is a mule, a hybrid cross of a horse and a donkey bred for menial labor. She originally belongs to Ernie's father, helping Ernie and Farina deliver the laundry, but he apparently sells her to Mickey's father, because Mickey owns her next. She's used to pull many of the gang's animal-drawn conveyances several times and even poses as a reindeer in Good Cheer. She's also part of the gang's show. The gang is very fond of Dinah and she often kicks anyone who hurts or offends them.
Dinah vanishes for a while, but when she turns up again, she's the property of Spud Janney and possibly an entirely new mule. Spud won't let the gang borrow her in Bear Shooters when he can't go hunting with them, but she eventually goes along with them, pulling their trailer/wagon.
According to theluckycorner, the mule in Uncle Tom's Uncle and Lazy Days is probably not the original Dinah (as claimed by Maltin and Bann), and the mule in Readin' And Writin', Free Wheeling, and Honky-Donkey is definitely a different mule, named Algebra in the latter.


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