Dickie Moore


Name: Richard "Dickie" Moore
Nick Name: Dickie
Played By: Richard Moore
Born: 1925
Relatives: John (father), Lillian (mother), Breezy Brisbane, Spanky, Porky (brothers), Baby Patsy (sister)
Clubs: None
First Short: Hook And Ladder
Last Short: Mush And Milk


Bio: Dickie Moore is the son of John and Lillian Moore (identified in Birthday Blues, renamed Emerson and Gaye in Bedtime Worries ), well-to-do parents who live in Greenpoint. Mother is very protective, but Dickie, like Mary before him, loves nothing more than running around with the other more scruffy neighborhood kids and having fun away from the restrictions of home. His best friend is Stymie, and when Dickie gets an inexplicable stiff neck, his mother rushes him to see the doctor, but it is Stymie who actually cures the stiffness in Free Wheeling for a careening motorless taxi ride down a hill.
When Dickie hears about an urge for help in answering to fire alarms, he and the gang open their own firehouse in Hook And Ladder. With himself as fire chief and Stymie helping him, Dickie actually succeeds in battling and putting out a local fire, even while having to drag his baby brother, Spanky, along for the ride. When Dickie's back is turned though, Spanky drinks down the medicine he is getting at the time, later claiming he gave it to the worms.
Despite rarely being at home, Dickie does love his mother and tries to do what he can to make her happy. When their father forgets their mother's birthday, Stymie helps Dickie to bake a cake to earn the money from their friends to buy a gift to make up for it in Birthday Blues.
Despite attending Bleak Hill Boarding School with Spanky in Mush And Milk, Dickie doesn't stay in Greenpoint for very long. Possibly, he gets transferred to another school by his parents to get him out of the streets, but this is not for certain. In Helping Hands, Spanky is thirteen when he mentions his older brother in boot camp in the U.S. Army, but despite an urgency for soldiers in wartime, Dickie would only have been sixteen at the time, so it would have to have been Spanky's "other" older brother, Breezy Brisbane, who had left town a bit earlier than Scotty and would be twenty-five at the time. Presumedly, both of Spanky's older brothers went to military school, but mother kept him out, but there is no way to confirm this.

  • "Stymie, where are we going?" - Dickie
  • "Well, you're gonna get it." - Dickie in Hook And Ladder


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