Dickie Jackson

Dickie in Dogs Is Dogs


Name: Richard "Dickie" Jackson
Nick Name: None
Played By: Richard Jackson
Born: Relatives: None known
Clubs: None
First Short: Fly My Kite
Last Short: Mush And Milk


Bio: Dickie Jackson is a friend and classmate of Wheezer Hutchins and Dickie Moore from Bleak Hill Boarding School. He joins them in listening to Old West Stories at Grandma Mack's home in Fly My Kite, searching for Aladdin's magic lamp in A Lad An' A Lamp, running from Bumbo the Wild Man in The Kid From Borneo and getting cake at the Moore Residence in Birthday Blues, even if he only eats a lot of soap. He's got a good heart, tossing Stymie a doughnut in The Pooch, but he's also got a lack of concern when Spud falls into the well on the property of the Hutchins Residence in Dogs Is Dogs. When he's not fishing in the well, he's fishing off the pier near Seaside Amusement Park in Fish Hooky.
Quotes: None


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