As with most films, many of the Our Gang comedies had scenes planned for their final release, but were ultimately not used. In some cases, these scenes were removed to compensate for running time, while in other cases these scenes were removed due to poor testings with preview audiences. There were also instances in which proposed scenes were scripted, but ultimately were not filmed.

Image Film Notes
Barnum & Ringling, Inc. Oliver Hardy originally had a second role as a hotel detective. In the finished film, Eugene Pallette plays the detective, while Hardy plays an intoxicated hotel guest.
Small Talk A scene in which the Rascals are outside of Miss Eddy's mansion, and encounter a policeman (Pat Harmon). In the finished film, Harmon's character does not appear until a later scene. However, he does mention his previous encounter with the kids, stating that they "have been prowling around this house all day long."
Boxinggloves deleted2
Boxing Gloves Scenes in which Joe and Chubby train before the big fight. These scenes may have been inspired by similar scenes in The Champeen!. These photos also indicate that Andrew Shuford may have been given dialogue. A scene in which Mary Ann tries to sneak into the fight by donning blackface was also deleted.
Moan & Groan, Inc. A possible deleted scene in which Kennedy The Cop and the lunatic (Max Davidson) wind up in a mud puddle outside of the abandoned house.
Deletedshiveringshakespare 2
Shivering Shakespeare Surviving outtake footage used in a promotion trailer for a Norman Chaney personal appearance tour features an extended scene in which Kennedy The Cop helps Chubby get his costume on. The trailer also features a scene showing Mary Ann, Chubby, and Jackie backstage. Jackie helps Chubby put his false beard on for his Shepard costume.
When The Wind Blows A scene with Farina's father, who is absent from the finished film.
Deletedbearshooters 2
Deletedbearshooters 3
Bear Shooters Surviving outtake footage features a scene in which Jackie, Farina, and Chubby wait by the Wobbly Wagon for the arrival of Spud.

An alternate ending in which a police officer arrives to arrest the bootleggers.

Pups Is Pups Wheezer attempts to look for his lost puppies by ringing the bell on a bicycle. He is then confronted by the bicycle's owner, a messenger boy (Fletcher "Rusty" Tolbert).

Farina and Chubby have a tug-of-war match with a short, wide chain.

A girl interacts with the Rascals, all of whom are in blackface.

School's Out William Courtwright (reprising his role as the old man from Teacher's Pet) arrives at the schoolhouse with a wrapped present, and interacts with Jackie Cooper.
Helping Grandma A scene in which some of the older kids are outside of the grocery store.
Love Business Chubby interacts with the owner of the movie theater.

Farina and Stymie arrve at Jackie's home during the nighttime sequence. Both boys are dressed in their Sunday best.

Bargain Day The Rascals confront Douglas Greer, apparently about their missing equipment. In the finished film, Greer is briefly seen standing by the kids' spot as they walk off, but his presence is left unexplained.

Footage with Lyle Tayo inside of Shirley's home was also filmed. Tayo may have portrayed Shirley's mother.

Big Ears The Rascals wait for Wheezer at the hospital.
Readin' And Writin' Breezy Brisbane chats with Marmalade.
Birthday Blues According to Leonard Maltin and Richard Bann, Charles McMurphy was featured as a police officer in an unused scene.
A Lad An' A Lamp According to Leonard Maltin and Richard Bann, Harry Bernard portrayed a store proprietor in an unused scene. In the finished, Bernard plays one of the police officers.
Deletedfishhooky 2
Fish Hooky Unused footage depicts the amusement park's various rides in action were later used in Mush And Milk.
Sprucin deleted
Sprucin' Up An alternate ending in which Spanky catches up with the little girl with the umbrella. It turns out to be Buckwheat.
The Pinch Singer Dickie De Nuet, Leonard Kibrick, and Donald Proffitt play a bass violin. Kibrick and Proffitt are absent from the finished film.
Hearts Are Thumps Baby Patsy exchange valentines with a 'messenger boy'.
Our Gang Follies Of 1938 A Club Spanky musical number in which Ada Lynn sings "Your Broadway And Mine" by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed. Lynn does not appear in the finished film.
Alfalfa's Double Alfalfa babysits his brother, who is absent from the finished film.
Kiddie Kure An alternate ending in which the Rascals (wearing baseball uniforms) confront a rival baseball team (which includes Freddie Chapman and Hugh Chapman. The rival team is owned by Mr. Morton.

The Little Rascals

Several scenes were cut short for home video releases, but were left intact for television showings. These include:

Image Notes
Deletedrascals 2
Pete informs Buckwheat and Porky of the emergency meeting.
Deletedrascals 3
Stymie recites the club's slogan ("irls-gay ink-stay").
Deletedrascals 4
Stymie questions the smell coming from the clubhouse as the fire starts.
Deletedrascals 5
Buckwheat and Porky arrive in the line to use a payphone.
Deletedrascals 6
A Rascal holds a fire hose directly to his face.
Deletedrascals 7
Deletedrascals 8
Waldo arrives at the Rascals' clubhouse during the fire.
Deletedrascals 9
Deletedrascals 10
Deletedrascals 11
Deletedrascals 12
Deletedrascals 13
The kids mistakenly think that a firetruck is headed towards them to rescue their clubhouse.
Deletedrascals 14
Deletedrascals 15
Deletedrascals 16
Deletedrascals 17
A extended version of the courtroom sequence. Spanky informs Alfalfa that Porky is his lawyer during the court sequence. Buckwheat takes the stand and repeats literally everything Froggy says. Stymie asks Buckwheat to explain what caused the fire. Buckwheat merely points to Alfalfa and says, "He did it!" Spanky then asks Porky if he would like to do a cross-examination. Porky merely responds, "Nope!"
Deletedrascals 18
Deletedrascals 19
Deletedrascals 20
Spanky and Stymie tell the two Amish men where to go once they enter the bank. Mr. Welling (Mel Brooks) mistakes the two men for the Rascals in disguise.
Deletedrascals 21
Darla asks Buckwheat and Porky if their visit is "going to take all day".
Deletedrascals 22
Woim complains to Butch about the two of them catching chicken pox after the last time they "stole candy from a baby."
Deletedrascals 23
Deletedrascals 24
Alfalfa gives a speech to Miss Crabtree about his great aunt in order to convince her to let him sing in the talent show.
Deletedrascals 25
Deletedrascals 26
Deletedrascals 27
An embarrassed Darla confronts Alfalfa after his disastrous performance in the talent show. Waldo reveals to Alfalfa that he has entered the go-cart race.
Deletedrascals 28
The Rascals chant "smolly-olly!" after being reunited.
Deletedrascals 29
Deletedrascals 30
Deletedrascals 31
Three Rascals steal the back wheels off of a mother's baby buggy for the new go-cart.
Deletedrascals 1
Behind the scenes footage features a deleted scene in which the kids run into a tuba player while at the fair.

The Little Rascals Save The Day

Image Notes
Deletedsave 1
Deletedsave 2
The ice cream deliveryman (Bug Hall) says that Alfalfa reminds him of himself when he was younger. Alfalfa doesn't see the resemblance.
Deletedsave 3
Deletedsave 4
Deletedsave 5
Deletedsave 6
The kids run into Butch and Woim in the park.
Deletedsave 7
Deletedsave 8
Deletedsave 9
Spanky asks Mr. Kaye why he yells "Fore!" when teeing off.
Deletedsave 10
Deletedsave 11
Stymie introduces the others to a parrot, who says "Yum, yum! Eat 'em up!"
Deletedsave 12
Deletedsave 13
Stymie asks the parrot if it can say anything else besides "Yum, yum! Eat 'em up!". The parrot replies, "Remarkable!".
Deletedsave 14
Deletedsave 15
Deletedsave 16
Mr. Kaye visits Grandma's bakery a second time.
Deletedsave 17
Deletedsave 18
Deletedsave 19
Deletedsave 20
Deletedsave 21
Deletedsave 22
The kids make fun of Butch's outfit before the talent show. The talent coordinator tells the kids that they are not allowed to have a dog in the theater. "Well, who else is going to play the gong?", Stymie asks. The kids wave to their lookalike fathers, who are in the audience. Grandma tells Miss Crabtree and Officer Kennedy how glad she is that they came to watch the Rascals perform.
Deletedsave 23
Deletedsave 24
Deletedsave 25
Butch performs the trombone, which Spanky and Alfalfa interrupt by eating lemons.

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