Character: Dave
Birthday: February 2, 1910
Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri
Date of Death: March 30, 1980
Place of Death: Altadena, California
First Short: Helping Grandma
Last Short: The Pinch Singer
Number of Shorts: 5 (Little Rascals), 15 (The Boy Friends)
History: David Sharpe started out as a young actor and became one of Hollywood's all time greatest stuntmen, appearing in over 5,000 films spanning six decades. An A.A.U. Tumbling Champion, he starred in five Our Gang shorts, two in his role as a young actor and three doing stuntwork as various characters as well as a featured role in The Boy Friends alongside Mary Kornman and Mickey Daniels. He also did work as a second-unit director, but much of his life was spent doing stunt work and doubling for the likes of actors such as Harold Lloyd, Clayton Moore, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Marlon Brando and Tony Curtis to movies as recent as "The Poseidon Adventure" and "Blazing Saddles." Sadly, he passed away on March 30, 1980 of Lou Gehrig's Disease as one of the few men to span a career that lasted several generations.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • Scaramouche (1923) - uncredited
  • The Thief Of Baghdad (1924) - uncredited
  • Masked Emotions (1929)
  • Let's Do Things (1924) - uncredited
  • Flirting In The Park (1933)
  • What's To Do (1933) - uncredited
  • Crack-Up (1934)
  • Death Fang (1934)
  • The Chases Of Pimple Street (1934) - uncredited
  • Wild Waters (1935)
  • Roaring Roads (1935)
  • Social Error (1935)
  • Adventurous Nights (1935)
  • Top Flat (1935) - uncredited
  • Collegiate (1936)
  • All-American Toothache (1936) - uncredited
  • Ghost Town (1936)
  • Hill Tillies (1936)

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