The Daniels Residence is in a residential neighborhood of Greenpoint at 231 Oak Street (The Big Town) in the Elmira subdivision of town next door to the Cobb Residence; the boys of each house being close friends of each other through a communications system between the houses. Nothing is known of the father's occupation, but young Mickey Daniels in the house often splits his time at his Uncle Pat's Farm in the area. His mother is very protective of him; once calling on his Aunt Kate to make him more of a gentleman like his Cousin Percy.
For the most part, Mickey seems to be an only child, but he has very rare glimpses of siblings. He has a sister, Leona, in Sunday Calm and Cradle Robbers, and a brother that looks remarkably like Jackie Condon in Lodge Night, Circus Fever, and Shootin' Injuns. Both Jackies are never seen at the same time. The family has the surname, "Kelly," in the short High Society, but this could easily be Mickey's mother's maiden name.


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