Dan is a lowly con-artist in Greenpoint. He was once married to Grandma Mack's daughter, but he broke her heart. It's possible he conned Grandma Mack out of the investment she recieved from A & B Chain Stores, Inc. for her market in Helping Grandma. Leaving her destitute, he turns up married to his second wife who wants Grandma Mack's house, but in trying to throw Mrs. Mack out of it, he discovers she has several bonds from Imperial Steel Company. Upon learning what they're worth, he sinks low enough to try and take those away from her, little suspecting the kindly grandmother has given them to Chubby Chaney to tie on the tail of his kite. As Dan goes after them, Grandma discovers their worth and the neighborhood kids rally around her. Chic Sale Jr. lassos Dan and drags him across a field of debris, losing his watch which gets destroyed by Jackie Williams. Getting electrocuted trying to fetch the kite off power lines, Dan is brought down by Farina Hoskins and the gang sawing through and pushing over the pole under him just as Grandma Mack brings the police. Dan's later whereabouts possibly include a stint in prison.

Dan was played by James Mason - not to be confused with the British actor of the same name. His wife was played by Mae Busch.


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