William "Curley" Benson in "Curley".


Name: William Benson
Nickname: Curley
Played By: Larry Olsen
Born: 1938
Relatives: Ardda Benson (sister)
First Short: Curley
Last Short: Who Killed Doc Robbin


Bio: William Benson, known to his friends as "Curley", takes on the leadership role amongst his group of friends. He has many similarities to former Greenpoint resident Jackie Cooper. While not a bad kid, Curley is known to be mischievous, as evident in Curley, where he tries to pull a series of pranks on Mildred Johnson (the new teacher). But Curley's plans for Miss Johnson backfire, leading Curley's friends to briefly desert him. But Curley made amends with his gang, and develops a crush on his schoolteacher. Curley later leads his gang into solving the alleged murder of Doctor Robbin in Who Killed Doc Robbin.
Ardda Benson is Curley's younger sister, who frequently tags along with her older brother. He also has a pet frog named "Croaky", and two dogs ("Pepper" and "Rags"). Curley is a student at Lakeview School.

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